Holgate Brewhouse Cherry Sour

Holgate Brewhouse

Published December 14, 2022

We've seen brewers and their graphic designers become ever more creative, outlandish even, with their approach to capturing drinkers' attention as the craft beer industry has expanded apace. Here, however, Holgate have decided to take a rather more literal approach: it's a cherry sour so you're getting a predominantly red can with cherries on it.

It first appeared in autumn 2022, but has returned for summer – surely such a beer's natural stomping ground (if one ever comes in Victoria – with the cherry additions ramped up. The red cans still contain a pretty deep red liquid too, quite possibly even more of a crimson red than first time out not to mention an aroma that carries a little funk alongside the waft of fruit. I talked about the original having a kind of whole bunch, stems 'n' all character to it; with the additional cherry hit, v2 reminds of a slice of cherry torte, right down to the almond / marzipan within. There's still something vinous about it on the palate too – like a light red French table wine – and a gentle tang, albeit one that’s smoothed out by the salt addition. Easy on the eye, easy-going, easy to enjoy.

James Smith

Cherry Gose
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