Tumut River Brewing Rose Gose Rosé & Harald’s Helper

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Published November 16, 2022

Has anyone ever pointed out to you that all the Cs in Pacific Ocean make a different sound? Cool, right?

Well, all the words in Rose Gose Rosé are pronounced differently. It’s a visual rhyme, like Sean Bean. Also cool.*

Let’s break down the name…

"Rose" is to celebrate the first birthday of Rose, the daughter of the brewers' friends Kristin and Dino Martiniello. Kristin and Dean own a lovely little gastropub called Herbert’s at Evatt, and it’s a place you’ll always find TRBC beers on tap.

"Gose" is the style of the beer. But while this beer is indeed lightly soured and contains a sprinkle of pink salt from Lake Eyre, it also contains Tea Journeys’ Sunset Blaze: a tea blend full of hibiscus and rose, orange peel and lemon peel, clove and cinnamon. The result is greater than the sum of its parts, and the beer drinks like a light but complex farmhouse beer. A gentle citrus tartness with a floral** and earthy vibe in the background and a slightly wild streak, but all the flavours come together into something quite delicate.

And "rosé" is a reference to the lovely pink colour of the pour. No grapes were harmed in the making of this beer.

The TRBC crew love to dedicate beers to their favourite people. This next beer is a traditional dunkel named for Harald, the local beer lover who hails from Bavaria and approves of a well-made dark German lager. Harald’s Helper Oktoberfest Dunkel was first brewed for Oktoberfest in 2014, and it’s easy to see why it keeps coming back. This drop is all rich milk chocolate and caramel on the nose, mellowing out to allow dark fruits and a slow cocoa bitterness in the mouth.

It’s smooth. It’s very flavourful. And it’s Harald-approved.

Mick Wüst

*At least, I think it’s cool. Does anyone else have fun with the little linguistics lessons I embed in beer write-ups?
**I think I've explicitly said in a write-up before that I have no idea what hibiscus tastes like. I’ve definitely thought it. Either way, I would like to express that sentiment now.

Spiced Gose & Dunkel
5.0% & 6.3%
13 & 22 IBU
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