Heaps Normal Half Day Hazy

Alcohol-free Hazy Pale

December can be hard going if you work in hospo or retail, but if your job mostly involved sitting at a desk, it can be the start of a welcome wind down. Indeed, as the end of the year draws closer and closer and the weather starts to pick up, how can you seriously be expected to concentrate after midday? At the (highly likely) risk of this being read by my employer, December’s a time for half days. [So that's what's going on... Editor]

Knocking off early is precisely what Heaps Normal are celebrating with the booze-free brewer's third core range offering: Half Day Hazy. To mark its launch, they even asked fellow Australians to celebrate finishing early with the inaugural National Half Day Day, which seemed like an excellent way to bid farewell to a very long year. As for the beer itself, this soft and hazy pale ale serves up a mix of stonefruit, mango and passionfruit akin to many full-strength beers in this booming category. But, without the booze, you could crack one with lunch – whether you're taking a half day or not.

Will Ziebell

Published December 1, 2022

Heaps Normal

PO Box 4293
ACT 2604

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