Heaps Normal Coffee Run Stout

Alcohol-Free Stout
Less than 0.5%

Typically, a coffee tends to signal the start of a work day and a beer might see one out but Heaps Normal have brought both together in Coffee Run Stout. Given the brewing company’s dedication to making alcohol-free beer, you can also choose to start your day with the beer too, although we’d suggest pouring it into a coffee mug to avoid some concerned looks in the office.

The limited release is a collaboration with Floozy Coffee Roasters and features cold brew of their Golden Hour bean blend. That coffee comes together with the underlying rich and chocolatey stout notes to bring a mix of fruit which flicker between pineapple, cherry and plum.

Will Ziebell

Published May 25, 2023

Heaps Normal

PO Box 4293
ACT 2604

AIBA 2024 entries B2
HCH 2024 B

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