Land & Sea First Point Pale Ale

Land & Sea

First Point is a surfing spot in Noosa that’s perfect for longboards, and those in the know will spend hours riding the waves there. Its namesake, First Point Pale, is aptly named; those in the know will sit on this beer for hours.

You’d probably call First Point an American-style pale, but it’s made with all Australian barley and all Australian hops. The first thing you notice when this beer is poured into a glass is the colour. It’s not quite the rich orangey-red of the tinnie, but it’s not that far off - an attractive copper shine pushes through the liquid.

But as lovely as the view is, we’re not here just to look at First Point. The same Voyager specialty malts that bring the beautiful colour lay a solid malty foundation of flavour, letting dry toffee notes undergird the fruity mashup of the Galaxy, Vic Secret and Ella hops. A bit of crunchy toast character joins the bitterness in the finish, giving First Point a real moreishness.

Mick Wüst

American Pale Ale
30 IBU
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