Land & Sea Lager

Land & Sea

Once upon a time, Land & Sea had a kölsch in their core range. It was a great beer, but it confused and intimidated people who weren’t familiar with the style. So the brew team kept the malt and hop bill, but swapped out the ale yeast for lager yeast and made this beer.

When you just see a beer simply called ‘Lager’, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s underwhelming. Sometimes it meets your expectations. And sometimes it exceeds them.

This helles-style lager is a beautiful beer. It doesn’t blow you away (and it’s not meant to), but it’s delicate in all the right ways. Traditional Hallertau Mittelfreu hops bring a gentle fruitiness - a candied fruit aroma, and then a fresh honeydew melon character in the mouth. A light malt bill - Voyager’s Atlas pale malt with a little wheat - brings a subtle sweetness and rounded body, so the beer rolls across the tongue. The crisp sweetness and lush bitterness intermingle and make for a wonderful time from first sip to last, but it’s hard to come to terms that there will indeed be a last sip.

Mick Wüst

Helles Style Lager
22 IBU
Land & Sea

19 Venture Drive
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