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Brew & A: Wilson Hede of Two Birds

He may not be a "bird", but Two Birds head brewer Wilson Hede has certainly played an important part in helping the Spotswood brewery stretch its wings. Here, he shares his brewing tips and insights as part of our Brew & A series.

Brew & A: Thirsty Crow

Craig Wealands wasted little time putting Wagga's Thirsty Crow on the map, winning an AIBA trophy for his Vanilla Milk Stout within months of opening. With his new, bigger brewpub firing on all cylinders, he fielded questions in our latest Brew & A.

Brew & A: Brendan O'Sullivan of 3 Ravens

As sour beers continue to grow in popularity, one man well set to reap the rewards is Brendan O'Sullivan. The 3 Ravens head brewer has been exploring that realm with success since long before he became a commercial brewer.

Brew & A: Greg Mace – The Craft & Co

It's Waitangi Day and the first ever Hottest 100 Kiwi Craft Beers countdown too. So it feels like as good a time as any to run our Brew & A with Greg Mace, a Kiwi brewer who now plies his trade in Melbourne.

Brew & A: Cowaramup at 10

Margaret River has long been home to a good number of brewing companies; these days it must be the most populous of any region of Australia. One of the longest established is Cowaramup, which marks a decade since opening today.

Brew & A: Doctor's Orders Brewing

Doctor's Orders Brewing could lay claim to being the archetypal gypsy brewing company in Australia (or cuckoo as the Doc prefers to call it). As they turn seven, we invite them to be latest guests in our Brew & A series.

Brew & A: Morrison Brewery

Morrison Brewery turns five this week. It's a family affair based in Launceston that launched with a focus on Old World styles but has since expanded its scope. Here's head brewer Paul in a birthday Brew & A.

Brew & A: La Sirène Ben

Costa Nikias is the face of La Sirène, Melbourne's "urban farmhouse" brewery. But, through 2016, a brewer previously at Beavertown has become central to all things La Sirene. He's Ben Turley and is the focus of this Brew & A.

Brew & A: Green Beacon

It's a big year for Green Beacon. The Brisbane brewery came close to winning an AIBA Champion Brewery trophy, won at the Craft Beer Awards and has started work on a production brewery. Here's the man behind their beers.

Brew & A: Hobart Brewing Company

The return of our not-often-enough-for-our-liking brewer Q&A series heads south to Hobart. There, amid a flurry of new brewery openings, you find Hobart Brewing Company, whose head brewer Scott Overdorf has seen more beer than most.

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Brew & A: Will from Feral Brewing

WA's Feral Brewing has been a genuine trailblazer for the Australian beer industry. Key to their success in recent years has been brewer Will Irving, owner Brendan Varis' trusted lieutenant in the breweries.

Brew & A: Hendo from BrewCult

The latest to take the hot seat for our Brew & A grilling is Hendo from BrewCult, who tells us what got him started, what he loves and what's important.

Brew & A: Black Dog Brewery

Winemaker and brewer James Booth produces every drop that leaves Glenrowan's Taminick Cellars and Black Dog Brewery. Here, he tells us what inspires his double life.

Brew & A: Barossa Valley Brewing

Our latest Brew & A focuses on the new face heading up brewing at one of South Australia's longest-established micros, Barossa Valley Brewing.

Brew & A: 4 Pines

Measured in any way whatsoever, the story of 4 Pines has been a remarkable one. For one, they managed to established their brewpub in Manly when barely anyone in Sydney, let alone this northern beach outpost,…

Brew & A: Brookes Beer

For the first Brew & A feature since the relaunch of The Crafty Pint, we head to Bendigo where Doug Brooke talks classical music, megabrewers, getting old and cocaine.

Brew & A: 3 Ravens

Perhaps the most striking aspect at this year’s Australian International Beer Awards was the level of success enjoyed by many of Australia’s most established microbreweries. OK, two trophies for Korea’s…

Brew & A: The Monk Brewery & Kitchen

We bring back our Brew & A series by firing some questions at Craig Eulenstein, who recently moved from Mountain Goat to The Monk in Freo.

Brew & A: Ironhouse Brewery

The first ever Hobart Beer Lovers Week is up and running and in just over 24 hours the Tasmanian International Beerfest returns to the city’s waterfront. So we figured it was as good a time as any to…

Brew & A: Indian Ocean Brewery

We’d originally planned to run this Brew & A with the head brewer at Indian Ocean Brewing this week as a precursor to WA Beer Week starting. Then we got the results of this year’s Perth Royal Beer…

Brew & A: Young Henrys

Sydney Craft Beer Week is just days away, with its biggest, most varied and most exciting lineup of events yet. Among the local breweries taking part – and contributing some of the most varied and oddball…

Brew & A: Boatrocker Brewery

The Melbourne Festival kicks off today (Oct 11), heralding two weeks of arts events all over the city. Many of the best shows and gigs are taking place at the 1200 capacity Festival Hub that has been erected…

Brew & A: Bacchus Brewing

Among the new listings added to the site at the start of this month was one of the more idiosyncratic breweries in the land. Bacchus Brewing combines a huge home brew emporium with a multiple brewhouse…

What's In A Name: Red Duck

Queen Bee, Ragnarok, The Ox, Ugly Duckling, Smells Like A Pony, Bear, Hop Bach, Canute the Gruit… When it comes to beer names, Red Duck tends to be as off the wall as it with the beers it brews.…

Brew & A: HopDog BeerWorks

Nowra’s HopDog is one of the country’s newest and smallest breweries, set up by Tim Thomas and his wife in 2011. Highly experimental in the brewhouse and with beer names that hint at his love of metal,…

Brew & A: Van Dieman

It’s been a while since we dusted down the old Crafty Brew & A feature. Not our fault necessarily – it seems you lot are drinking so much craft beer that our beloved brewers don’t actually have time…

Brew & A: The Monk

As the birthplace of the Sail and Anchor, Matilda Bay and Little Creatures, Freo will forever warrant a special place in the hearts of Aussie beer lovers. Today, with the likes of Clancy’s Fish Bar and…

Brew & A: Moon Dog

It’s been a while since the last one, but better late than never we bring you another look at the people behind the beers you know and love. What do they drink when they’re not brewing? What turned…

Brew & A: Red Duck

In the coming weeks, the first of Red Duck’s intriguing dark beers we told you about a few weeks back will start leaving the brewery. As such, it seems like as good a time as any to pose a few questions…

Brew & A: Stone & Wood

What with their Pacific Ale being named Australia’s Best Beer in the recent-released Critic’s Choice book – and their need to spend as much time as possible surfing off the Byron Bay coast – life’s…

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Brew & A: Otway Estate

Kickstarting Crafty’s Q&As for 2011 are the brewers responsible for one of the widest ranges of beer in Australia. Luke and recent recruit Hendo knock out Prickly Moses, Otway Organic and Otway Estate…

Brew & A: Red Hill

As a brewery, Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula produces beers in which the ingredients sit in perfect harmony with each other. Therefore it’s good to know that the brewers making them appear to have…

Brew & A: The Kooinda Crew

When they started out in 2008, the Kooinda team’s tale was the epitome of the craft beer dream: four families pulling together to find the time and money to build a tiny brewery in a suburban backyard.…

Brew & A: Bridge Road's Nardia McGrath

Whatever the current VB ads might have you believe, beer is anything but an exclusively male world. Look around the bars and breweries of Australia and you’ll find female brewers and bar owners, Beer…

Brew & A: Holgate's Ian Morgan

Ian Morgan is Paul Holgate’s right hand man at the Woodend brewery. The one-time US Marine is also an avid student of the history of beer, as you’ll see from his two-part feature “How Beer Is Made”…