Hop Harvest Ale

Red Hill Brewery

Published April 1, 2010

Having your own hop farm onsite has its advantages, especially for drinkers who get to indulge in this annual special from Red Hill. One weekend every year, the Goldings invite volunteers to the brewery to help pick their hop crop before setting about using some of the fresh hop cones to makes this one-off beer. British Goldings hops are used in the boil and added again in the tank (dry-hopping) to lend Hop Harvest its grassy aroma while Willamette hops result in a pleasantly peppery and bitter finish. It's no unbalanced hop fiend, however. A healthy blend of grains give it a big malt backbone and caramel aroma resulting in a delicious strong English style ale that hides its 6% remarkably well.

English Special Bitter
44 IBU

Red Hill Brewery

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