Red Hill Weizenbock

Red Hill Brewery

Published September 1, 2010

Here's one that takes me back to childhood. Not that I drank 7.9% beers as a child, but because the nose stokes up memories of gorging on packs of mixed flavour Toffos - chewy toffee sweets that came in original, strawberry, chocolate and, in the case of the Weizenbock, banana varieties. The latter was always my favourite - I'd pray for the sorting machine to malfunction and produce a pack of banana only chews. Mind you, the Toffos never offered up a soft hop aroma, or came supported by a hefty second wave of warm alcohol-boosted chocolate flavours that wrap themselves around the banana toffee like heavy duty eiderdown. Rich, creamy and warming, it's a beer to win over even the fiercest wheat beer haters. Here's hoping Red Hill malfunctions and sends Crafty a slab by mistake...

Weizenbock (Strong wheat beer)
Red Hill Brewery

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Red Hill South
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