Holgate Ladyboy

Holgate Brewhouse

Released September 3rd, 2010

Anyone who's met Paul Holgate and his team of brewers will know they're a swarthy lot: real men with testosterone literally teeming from their pores. However, they are known to like a ladyboy or two. "What?" you say. Well, for the past year or so, they've been offering them over the bar at their Woodend brewhouse, the Ladyboy being a Black & Tan style mix of their cocoa and vanilla bean Temptress (the lady) and roast macadamia-laden Nut Brown Ale (the boy). For a limited time only, two Victorian bars are following suit, tapping both beers simultaneously. Try it - or go for the Alan Partridge version instead.

Black & Tan
approx 6.2%
Holgate Brewhouse

79 High Street
VIC 3442

Hotel, Bar and Restaurant: (03) 5427 2510 Brewery Sales: (03) 54 273 522
Open Hours

Mon: 2pm til late (Mon Public Holidays ' midday til late) Tues to Sun: midday til late
11am to 5pm daily


By appointment only

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