Red Hill Bohemian Pilsner (2011)

Red Hill Brewery

Published November 17, 2011

Of all the beers Red Hill produce, this, apparently, is the brewer's favourite. It's easy to see why. Inspired by a pilsner-drinking session in a pub in New Zealand a few years ago, it stands apart from most beers of its ilk on the market by being fuller and richer in the mouth than you might expect thanks to its relatively high alcohol content. The nose combines lemon, sweet honey and a hint of spiciness from the hops, the flavour offers masses of biscuity malts and there's a nice firm bitterness to wrap things up. It also pours beautifully, so much so that we actually took a photo of 2010's in the glass to send the the brewers and we thought Crafty was well above such fanboy actions...

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