Indi Winter Seasonals: Black White & Dark Lager – RETIRED

Indian Ocean Brewing

Published August 8, 2013

Since taking over the head brewer's role at the Indian Ocean brewery on Perth's most northerly fringes, Dave Brough has wasted little time giving the beer list a serious reworking. All but one of the old lineup were ditched and a steady stream of short run releases has followed. It's all been for the best too, with Indi beers picking up medals at the 2013 Australian International Beer Awards and the White Cap topping its class along the way.

Winter has seen a couple of darker beers hit the taps, one of them, the Black White, a German style black wheat beer that Dave says has "big banana aromas on the nose [and is] smooth and light on the palate with more than a hint of molasses like malt character, with bitter chocolate to finish." The second is a Dark Lager, based on the Vienna style that's designed as a malty winter alternative to paler lagers. Expect the toffee aromas and flavours typical of the style within what Dave tells us is "a surprisingly light bodied beer with moderate, but balancing bitterness."

Dark Wheat and Vienna Lager
Both 4.7%
Indian Ocean Brewing

33 Ocean Falls Blvd
WA 6030

(08) 9400 1111
Open Hours

11am to midnight