Holgate Brewhouse Tank 9 Brew Loose 2 & 3: Unflemished Belgian IPA & How Now American Brown

Holgate Brewhouse

Published November 25, 2015

Holgate's brewers were cut loose recently and invited to brew whatever their heart's desired within the brewery's baby Tank 9. You can read more about the concept in our write up for beer #1 in the series here. Beers #2 and #3 are now out too; indeed, they're being showcased all together at a couple of events. So time to complete the trilogy.

The second is the Unflemished Belgian IPA comes from Josh, who says: "Given the brewery's love for Belgian styles and IPAs, I deemed it appropriate to brew a collaboration of the two styles. It has a malt bill similar to that of a Belgian golden ale and it is fermented with an Abbey yeast strain. It is also jam-packed full of American hops (Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo & Citra) to give this Belgian IPA its big bitterness and bold hop flavours. A rare style to find but one of my favourites." He says it has "a punchy citrus, grapefruit and orange character, some peppery notes" and "subtle banana and bubblegum flavours" before finishing "dry with high carbonation and a big bitterness."

Number three is How Now, an American Brown from Matt that's "brimming with chewy malt flavours; chocolate and caramel dominate with hints of nutty complexity. American hops are there to support the sweetness, adding some juicy / pine tone without overpowering. A well balanced beer to please both the sweet-tooths AND the hop heads."

Belgian IPA & American Brown
6.8% & 4.5%
75 IBU & 35 IBU

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