Endeavour Dark Ale

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released September 22, 2017

When you stand at the bar at the Endeavour Tap Rooms waiting to order a beer, you pretty well know what you're going to get: after all, it says the name of the beer right there above the taps. Except, that is, if you're looking at tap number 7. That one is simply called "Something Dark" and it indicates that, yes, there’s a dark beer in here but, no, it won’t always be the same one. When coming up with the next beer it’s almost a case of brewer JB sticking his head out the door, seeing what the seasons are serving up and brewing something appropriate; during Sydney’s mild winter of 2017, for example, he showcased a chocolate stout and milk porter. This new beer has been made with spring and summer in mind.

It’s a 4.1 percent ABV mild ale designed to be approachable in two directions; good for those wanting to transition from heavy winter beers to lighter, fruitier numbers and also for those more used to drinking lagers who are keen to be coaxed into something with more character. And it fills both briefs neatly. The malt bill was put together in order that it wouldn't stand out too much, so as to let the hops come to the front. And that they do, albeit in a restrained way when compared with, say, the outright fruitiness of the brewery’s pale ale; expect to taste berry and candy characters sitting alongside a bit of crystal malt derived residual sweetness. Being a mild ale, it’s not aiming to knock the flavour profile out of the park. Rather, it’s an easy drinking dark (but not too dark) beer that’s made for spring but fit for all seasons.

Nick O

Mild Ale
19 IBU
Endeavour Tap Rooms

39-43 Argyle Street
The Rocks
Sydney 2000

(02) 9241 6517
Open Hours

Mon to Sat: 11am to midnight
Sun: 11am to 10pm

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