Endeavour & Akasha AK/EB Hoppy Brown

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released December 24, 2018

For their final small batch release of 2018, Endeavour teamed up with the hop maestros from Five Dock’s Akasha Brewing Company.

The collaboration came about due to the co-founders of both companies, Ben Kooyman and Dave Padden, having worked together on the board of the Independent Brewers Association for the past few years before recently stepping down from those roles. No need to be strangers, they figured, so they met up again at Endeavour’s Tap Rooms in The Rocks and, with resident brewer Scott O’Brien, got down to it.

The beer they’ve made is a hoppy brown ale that takes in the ethos of both breweries; the Aussie-only ingredients used by Endeavour and the American style beers so favoured by Akasha. It’s the Enigma and Galaxy hops that hit you up front, with plenty of grapefruit and tropical fruit character – plus a touch of spice – before the darker melange of malts have their say with a slightly sweet layer of caramel, biscuit and gentle roast. And, after that, you’re met with a finish that’s slightly dry and pleasantly bitter.

The AK/EB is a beer that reveals itself in different ways as the beer comes to room temperature – assuming you’re able to let it last that long.

Nick Oscilowski

Hoppy Brown Ale
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