Brisbane Brewing Co Slim Rye Ale

Brisbane Brewing Co

Published January 29, 2019

Sometimes you need a beer that’ll be gentle to you, like your favourite battered Akubra protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight, or the quiet thrum of plucky guitar strings offering your ears some relief from the noisy world. Sometimes you need a beer that won’t make you fall off your stool. A beer for when you’re feeling a bit dusty.

Say hello to Slim. He’s a rye pale ale crooning at an easy 2.8 percent ABV. Hold him up to the light and you’ll see the coppery tones shining through, like the rust gathering on a 1982 Ford Falcon ute. The malty melody soothes the soul, but the rye provides an undertone of spice to help set the mood. A little bitterness swirls around your mouth in the finish, like the dust swirling near Yarrawonga.

Drink it ’til the pub’s got no beer.

Mick Wust

Light Rye Pale Ale
17 IBU
Brisbane Brewing Co

124 Boundary Street
West End
QLD 4101

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