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Published January 29, 2019

Want a beer to really make you feel good in the summer heat? BBCo has kettle-soured a wheat beer (using lactobacillus plantarum) and infused it with a bucketloads of strawberries from LuvaBerry. LuvaBerry gathers all those weather-damaged (but perfect tasting) strawberries that would otherwise go to waste and freezes them to be used by forward-thinking companies like BBCo, who used theirs in a beer (obviously). Half of the strawberries were introduced to the boil, with the other half being added post-fermentation.

The result is an opaque orange beer with the subtlest of light pink hues, the colour only hinting at the strawberry addition. The aroma, on the other hand, throws all the strawberry jam in the world up your nostrils (which is much more pleasant than it sounds), giving you the impression the beer will be sweet, sticky, and ready to spread on toast. Then the flavour goes in another direction again: delightfully tart. While it won’t have your face contorting against your will, it gets you right in the glands, with that sour strawberry dancing all around your mouth.

Save the strawberries. Drink this beer.

Mick Wust

Strawberry Sour
12 IBU
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