Eumundi Brewery Refreshing Lager

Eumundi Brewery (Lion/Kirin)

This beer follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, carrying on the legacy of Eumundi Lager of yesteryear. But to the delight of some drinkers (and the disgust of others), this isn’t the same beer. It’s made in the same place, but for a new generation, and with new ingredients.

Eumundi’s Refreshing Lager uses all Australian ingredients, and immediately sets itself apart from many other lagers on the market with its slight haze and fruity aroma. All hop additions are late, with Aussie-grown Cascade hops bringing fresher, more vibrant grapefruit and stonefruit aromatics than their American counterparts would, and Ella hops tempering the fruitiness by also bringing some grassy and floral notes to the mix.

With the experience and great resources accessible to them, Eumundi’s brewers have made a balanced, tight lager. It’s low on bitterness, so a mainstream lager drinker can drink it without being put off, but it’s got enough detail that a thoughtful drinker can taste and appreciate what’s going on.

Mick Wust

Eumundi Brewery (Lion/Kirin)

1 Etheridge Street
QLD 4562

(07) 5442 8811
Open Hours

10am to late


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