Eumundi Brewery Eu-Bundy Spiced Rum Lager

Eumundi Brewery (Lion/Kirin)

Published December 13, 2022

First there was Eu-Bundy IPA in 2020. Then there was Eu-Bundy Black Rum & Plum Christmas Pudding Ale in 2021. Now in 2022, Eu-Bundy Spiced Rum Lager has landed, and I reckon it’s nosed in front as the winner of the three.

When I first cracked this collab between Eumundi Brewery and Bundaberg Rum, I took a sniff and assumed it was a Euro-style pilsner.* There was a sweetness (“From the malt, of course.”) and a spiciness (“That’ll be noble hops.”) that didn’t surprise me at all. But then I took a sip, and my assumptions were immediately corrected. Because this this isn’t a Euro lager; it’s an Aussie lager (in the words of Eumundi head brewer Chris Sheehan: “a lagery lager”) dosed with spiced rum.

Vanilla rushed over my tongue and the character of the spices shifted. From there, I went back and had another sniff, and my tastebuds had unlocked something: suddenly the vanilla was so obvious on the nose, with a little brown sugar sweetness, and the spices were more like a Christmas cookie than noble hops.

Drink it around the tree on Christmas night when the temperature’s still 35 degrees.

Mick Wüst

**I hadn’t read the notes before tasting it. Was this a professional dedication to approaching the beer with as much objectivity as possible, or the result of an impatience that led to an uninformed tasting? You’ll never know.

Spiced Rum Lager
Eumundi Brewery (Lion/Kirin)

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