Endeavour Ygritte's Nitro Red & Grapefruit IIPA

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released June 13, 2019

Like the fiery red-haired warrior woman from Game of Thrones, Ygritte’s Nitro Red is a fan favourite. She’s a traditional Irish red, but with a higher proportion of nitrogen than your standard nitro pour, making this beer as smooth and creamy as they come. The cascading, off white head takes its sweet time to gather itself to the top of your glass, instead dancing in slow motion before your eyes, revealing more and more of the copper-red gleam in the liquid as it goes.

Soft caramel and toffee show themselves in the aroma and flavour, with the crystal malts adding a little more sweetness as the beer comes closer to room temperature. But this red is so easy-drinking you’ll find it meets its end much before you’re ready – not unlike Ygritte herself.

When head brewer Scott was asked by his staff to brew a Grapefruit IIPA, he took the call seriously – this wasn’t going to be an IIPA with grapefruit, but a grapefruit IIPA. He wasn’t going to be satisfied people drinking it and saying: “I think I can taste grapefruit”. He added enough grapefruit juice and peel to permeate the entire brew, from aroma to flavour through to aftertaste.

The result is a punchy, citrusy nectar, but more drinkable than you might expect from a IIPA. It has an enduring bitterness on the palate from the peel, but otherwise exhibits some of the characteristics of a good NEIPA; it’s pleasantly hazy, with a silky mouthfeel from the addition of rolled oats. There’s just enough warmth from the 8.1 percent ABV to make this perfect in the cooler weather, but also enough summery flavours to remind you sunshine still exists.

Mick Wust

Red Ale & IIPA
4.8% & 8.1%
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