Beerland Brewing Reality Czech & Schrödinger's Stout

Beerland Brewing

Released September 9th, 2019

August 2019 saw the brewers at Beerland Brewing launch a couple of paradigm shift beers. By nature, that means a fundamental change in a basic concept, which in the case of the Reality Czech Dark Lager sees them creating a beer with the colour and many of the characteristics of a porter or stout but the drinkability of a pilsner. Lagering the beer creates a clean, sessionable drop with minimal roasted characters and a light bitterness. Check your reality at the door.

The second beer is along the same lines with its mind games. Schrodinger’s Stout is a real head-scratcher: pouring the colour of a lager but drinking like a stout. How do they conjure this kind of magic? Well, in this case, it's through the use of coffee beans and cacao nibs in conjunction with the sort of base malts you'd typically see in a pale ale plus some rolled oats to create a fuller mouthfeel. They're calling it a “beer thought” experiment and I tend to agree. Ignore the science and trust your instinct.

Mike Cridge

Dark Lager & White Stout
4.4% & 5.2%
Beerland Brewing

44 Lake Street
WA 6003

(08) 6151 6481
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