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The West End Brewery of the late 1800s brewed a beer called the Pale Select, and nicknamed it “The King of Beers”. With this in mind, Catchment set out to recreate a beer worthy of the regal moniker.

Their Pale Select is a hazy gold, flashing in the light like a ruler’s sceptre and crowned with an aromatic head. While it differs from the beer of yesteryear by being an American pale ale with all American hops, it matches that easy-drinking ale by playing down its bitterness. Gentle flavours of tropical fruit, stonefruit and florals are at home in this beer like a feast on a king’s table.

Even the label displays royal colours, but most of us will be too focused on the beer itself to notice that. After all, the King of Beers demands respect.

Mick Wust

American Pale Ale
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