Endeavour Brewing Rosé Pilsner & Lemon Lime Sorbet Ale

Endeavour Tap Rooms

Released January 22, 2020

If you enjoy beers that give you a pleasant little surprise, then Endeavour have a couple of treats for you.

When you first look at the Rosé Pilsner, you get all kinds of expectations as to what it might taste like. Rosé? Raspberry? Strawberry? Then you’re told that it’s a Czech-style pilsner that tastes like a pilsner, with juuuust enough natural blackcurrant juice in it to give it a pink-reddish hue. But your eyes are still telling you to expect that “pink” flavour. Then you taste it… and it tastes like a well-made Pilsner. A little earthy, a little sweet, a lot refreshing.

This beer was brewed to help raise awareness of breast cancer, with $1 from every Rosé Pilsner sold donated to the McGrath Foundation. If you can’t get into the Endeavour Tap Rooms to buy one, you can donate directly here.

When a beer is named Lemon Lime Sorbet, do you trust it to taste like it says? Or do you wonder if it’ll have hints of citrus, or be a face-puckering sour? I’ll admit, I was in the latter group.

But Endeavour pull it off. Head brewer Scott O’Brien partially kettle soured the beer to bring in just a little lactic acid, and expressing the natural tartness of the lemon and lime without turning the beer into a full-blown sour. In the mash, he used the same enzyme used in Brut IPAs to dry the beer out so it would be light on the palate, but then sweetened it by adding lactose back into the boil with lemon puree and lime purée. Finally, he added lemon peel and lime peel into the fermenters to bring that zesty character you want in a lemon lime sorbet. Ideal for drinking in the sun on a summer’s afternoon, or as a palate cleanser at the end of a meal.

Mick Wust

Fruit Pilsner & Fruit Sour
Both 5.1%
Endeavour Tap Rooms

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