Black Hops California Love

Black Hops Brewing

Released January 20, 2021

For their first limited release in 2021, Black Hops have looked to a sunshine state that isn’t their own to brew California Love. The West Coast IPA is in tune with an earlier time in America; not in a MAGA or Trumpian sense (see ya!) but more to an era when America’s big hoppy beers were lean, clear and all about the notes you’d get from the “Three C’s” of Cascade, Centennial, Columbus.

In the case of California Love, it’s resin and pine that leads the charge, with enough of it it could fill a forest worthy of a day spent taking snaps for Instagram. You’ll also find citrus that’s so mouth-covering, it’s as though a grapefruit was rolled in oil before floating in the pool on Black Hops’ pastel tin only to be dunked by a bitter and powerful older sibling.

Will Ziebell

West Coast IPA
Black Hops Brewing

15 Gardenia Grove
Burleigh Heads
QLD 4220

0423 585 032
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