Ocean Reach Cosmo Seawater Kolsch

Ocean Reach Brewing

Published October 28, 2022


You smell like the beach. That’s my idea, they stole my idea.

I could have been a fragrance millionaire Jerry.

If you’re wondering what you just read, this clip is a good place to start. But while we wouldn’t go as far as saying Ocean Reach stole Kramer’s idea, his thought process certainly served as the inspiration behind their Cosmo Seawater Kolsch. Although gose might have a monopoly when it comes to salt in beer, it seems making the drink of Cologne was too good to resist for the Phillip Island brewery, as too was their desire to reach out and grab some seawater for the beer.

Fundamentally, a kolsch is a subtle and sessionable affair that’s best enjoyed in many small glasses served in quick succession, so throwing seawater into the mix isn’t without its risks. Fortunately, it’s a risk that’s paid off since while the salt is unmistakably present with each sip, it's always in the background and acts as fitting contrast to the herbal and melon flavours from the hops. With a clean finish and somewhat building bitterness, that saline quality also contributes to just how refreshing and easy-going Cosmo is, which isn’t quite how you could describe being next to the man himself.

Will Ziebell

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