Wild Things

With a reputation for walking on the wild side well established, Kiwi trailblazers Garage Project are set to get wilder still. Kerry McBride joined them for a tour of their new Wild Workshop where they'll be working with barrels, foeders and a coolship.

Beer Travel: Japan

Nic Sandery is on a worldwide beer tour on which he plans to take inspiration for his new brewing company, Molly Rose. While on the road, he is sending us a series of articles documenting his travels, starting with this report from Japan.

Educating Molly Rose

Young brewer Nic Sandery is off on a round the world research trip part-funded by a successful crowd-funding campaign. His learnings in the different beer cultures will be brought to bear upon Molly Rose, his new brewing company, on return.

Beer Travel: Orange

If you're looking for evidence of the growth of craft beer in Australia, you need only look at Orange in Central West NSW. There, as Tim Hanlon discovered, within a 25km radius of Orange's city centre you'll find three microbreweries, with more on the way.

Beer Travel: Hunting Down The Hottest 100

At the denouement of the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2014 poll, Dan "Crafty Kev" McEvilly set himself the challenge of trying them all. A year on, he tells us about his mission and how the beer world rallied to help his cause.

Eastbound And Down

The southeastern suburbs of Melbourne are now home to a remarkable number of breweries. Kerry McBride spoke to some of the brewers now – or very soon to be – calling the area home about what makes it so appealing.

Beer Travel: Bushwalking with Beer

Having returned from the outer reaches of Northern Europe to his home state of Tasmania, wandering storyteller Bert Spinks has been out bushwalking. Here, he ponders the whys and wherefores of doing it with beer.

Beer Travel: Copenhagen

As he heads homewards from the northern reaches of Europe, wandering Tasmanian Bert Spinks finds time to dip his toes into the "stylish", "serious" and "eccentric" beer scene in Copenhagen.

Beer Travel: Iceland

Join us on a colourful journey through Iceland's craft beer world as Tasmanian storyteller Bert Spinks is guided along the way by an etymologist polymath, local brewers and his own love of dark beers...

Beer Travel: New England

There aren't many areas of Australia without a microbrewery or two serving the locals. New England is no exception, as Matthew Taylor discovered when he toured the region. Already there are three, with a fourth on the way.

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Flaming Gala

A visit to the Good Beer Week Gala Showcase in March led one beer lover to launch his own beer business. We joined Ben's Brew Tours on one of its first tours.

Beer Travel: The Scottish Isles

The outer reaches of Scotland are among the most beautiful places on the planet. Wandering writer Bert Spinks visited a number of its isles, checking out the breweries as he went.

Beer Travel: Wellington

Wellington is without a doubt New Zealand's craft beer capital. Kerry McBride returned to her hometown for Beervana and asked those driving the city's scene what makes it so special.

Beer Travel: Ballarat

It's taken its sweet time but Ballarat is finally developing a beer scene worthy of the name. In advance of the opening of Hop Temple, Ballarat beer lover Clayton Morrison rounds up the city's craftiest spots.

The Tassie Beer Trail

The number of brewing companies in Tasmania is growing fast. And now they have a new initiative to help entice you to go and visit them all.

Craftifying Malaysia

A few years back, a Victorian beer lover we'd met at several beer events headed to Kuala Lumpur to join family members in building the country's first ever craft beer venue. The idea was to bring the delights…

James Halliday Article - Those Crafty Kiwis

Given we’ve just filed our next feature for James Halliday’s Wine Companion Magazine, this time looking at the reevaluation of lagers in the craft beer world, it must be time to pluck another past…

Beer Travel: Beervana 2014 & The Road To Beervana

Last week, The Crafty Pint joined a huge contingent of Australian brewers and beer lovers to make the trek to Wellington. The Kiwi city now calls itself Craft Beer Capital and with good reason: Stu from…

Beer Travel: World Beer Cup / Craft Brewers Conference 2014

Every two years, the beer world gathers in the States for the World Beer Cup, the biggest beer awards of its kind, which runs alongside the annual US Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference. And each…

Beer Travel: London and the Great British Beer Festival

A few weeks ago, we ran a story on the “Gentleman’s Agreement” between Stone & Wood and London’s Camden Town Brewery. The two were to begin bringing each other’s beers into their respective markets,…

Two Brewers Abroad: The Great American Beer Festival

A few months ago, two WA brewers who are enjoying the adventure of a lifetime through the American craft beer industry featured in our Blog of the Month series. Steve Brockman (formerly of The Monk) and…

Beer Travel: Beervana NZ 2013

The large contingent of Aussie beer lovers that made their way to Wellington’s superb annual Beervana festival last weekend should have just about shaken off the cobwebs by now. Among them was Tiffany…

Brewer Abroad! Nick at Nøgne Ø Pt II

A few weeks back we ran an article by Holgate brewer Nick Rhodes, who had not long touched down in Norway to commence a brewing internship with Nøgne Ø. It was part of a brewer exchange that has seen…

Back Where It All Began

There are some interesting back stories in the Australian craft beer world. We’ve got a classical pianist, former winemakers, a history professor, a stack of corporates that saw the light and even one…

Brewer Abroad! Nick at Nøgne Ø Pt I

A week ago, Nick Rhodes from Holgate boarded a plane in Melbourne bound for Norway. Coming the other way was Norwegian brewer Ingrid Skistad from Nøgne Ø. We brought you the story behind their brewer…

Our Man In: Blighty Pt 2

Almost exactly a year ago, we ran a feature – Our Man In: Blighty Pt 1 – looking at the changing pub scene in the UK. The intention was to follow it within a few days with a look at what was going…

Malaysia's Taps Takeover

Despite the rapid growth in the local craft beer market in recent years, we still tend to get a little excited when a venue away from the capitals eschews the financial incentives of tap contracts and…

Head For The Hills

No one should ever need much of a reason to head to Victoria’s northeast. The High Country has plenty going on whether you’re into mountain biking, hiking, fine wine, skiing, gourmet food, extreme…

Malaysian Invasion

Readers of The Crafty Pint’s Friday newsletter may recall plans for a craft beer bar in Kuala Lumpur serving a selection of Aussie and Kiwi beers. The brainchild of two Malaysian brothers who developed…

Our Man In: Blighty Pt 1

With our man in this case being Ol' Crafty himself, returning to the mother country on a trip that’s ostensibly to catch up with family, but is really to see what’s going on in the beer world. Where…

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Our Man In: Belgium Pt 3

As he prepares to wing his way back to Australia, Boatrocker’s Matt Houghton delivers the third part of the trilogy of tales detailing his exploits in Belgium. We assume it’s a trilogy that won’t…

Our Man In: Belgium Pt 2

Wasting no time at all on his trip through Belgium, Boatrocker Brewing founder Matt Houghton continues to delve into the country’s beer history. So we’ll waste no time either and let him tell you that…

Our Man In: Belgium Pt 1

Imbued with the confidence of a man whose latest beer has just picked up the only gold medal for packaged lagers at the Australian International Beer Awards and who was one of the small band of beer lovers…

Our Man In: London

There’s no shortage of brewers in Australia who will tell you the inspiration to get started came while drinking pints of real ale in British pubs. The UK has a long and proud brewing history, with the…

Our Man In: America II

On-road Goat Tom Delmont spent a month touring some of America’s finest craft breweries earlier in the year. His first article for The Crafty Pint compared the scenes here and there. Today, he reveals…

Our Man In: America

A trio of Aussie beer lovers, who work in various roles in the Melbourne beer world, recently embarked on a 25 day tour of American breweries and beer bars. One of them, Tom Delmont, reflects on some of the lessons learnt amid the many fine beers.