Prickly Moses Black Panther

Prickly Moses

Published June 4, 2011

One of two new beers from the Otway brewery making an appearance for the first time at the Melbourne leg of the Good Food and Wine Show, this dark beast originally reared its head during the Prickly Moses showcase at Young & Jackson's least year. Now back, it's an India Black Ale allegedly inspired by the mysterious legend of big black cats that roam the Victorian bush. It's made with a "generous" addition of North American hops both in the boil and in the fermenter with caramelised black malt used to impart a subtle burnt flavour. According to the brewers, you'll find "citrus hop notes and strangely enough some aniseed or licorice" plus "a luscious head that holds up well".

India Black Ale
Prickly Moses

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