Prickly Moses Session Ale

Prickly Moses

Published July 11, 2011

A beer that tells you pretty much all you need to know about it in its name. It's an ale. From Prickly Moses. Designed for sessioning. However, we've got space to fill on the page (and brewer Hendo likes to talk about his babies) so what else might you like to know? Well, it's the first of two beers they're debuting during their showcase in the Chloe's Bar at Young & Jackson's. It uses lots of the Topaz hop once almost exclusively used for bittering but now being explored for aroma and flavour, here added late in the boil and for dry-hopping (alongside some Centennial). Hendo says that gives you lychee, citrus and musk, apparently. The aim is to show Topaz can make something other than mainstream lagers and, if the beer's well received during the showcase, it may reappear in keg and bottle down the line.

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