Prickly Moses Rolling Mist Hazy IPA

Prickly Moses

Published November 28, 2022

As one of the elders of the Victorian craft brewing scene, Prickly Moses have been around since the days when you didn't need much more than a pale ale, a wheat beer and a porter or stout to differentiate yourself from the middle of the road. And, while the industry has grown and mutated over the past decade and a half, they've stayed pretty true to their roots: focusing on servicing the wider region around the Great Ocean Road, the Otway Ranges, and the Bellarine Peninsula with beers and ciders that – for the most part – put approachability first and foremost.

There are occasional exceptions: beers where they ratchet things up, beers like their Raconteur IPA, Black Panther imperial black ale or Black Knight Imperial Stout. And with summer 2022/23 on our doorstep it's in that direction they head with Rolling Mist. That said, this hazy IPA isn't in-yer-face, more a well-packaged bringer of hop-derived, fruity fun that finds a happy place smack bang in the middle of the style.

You don’t need to be told what it looks like but engage the other senses and the trio of popular hops – Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy – deliver juicy Jaffa oranges, a floral, rosewater-meets-red berries perfume, a hint of pine and a slice of fluffy passionfruit sponge cake. Smooth on the palate and soft of finish, you'll have no trouble rolling this misty one down your gullet.

James Smith

Hazy IPA
Prickly Moses

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