Mountain Goat Skipping Girl (Andy'd Remix)

Mountain Goat (CUB/Asahi)

Published December 7, 2011

Anyone who's been to Mountain Goat in the past couple of years will know Randy, the glass cylinder that allows them to add hops, spices, coffee beans and the like to their beers just before they leave the tap and hit your glass. Now they've added Andy, Randy's cousin, who is "a late hopping device for pre-packed bottles and kegs; in other words the beer gets Andy'd in tank, not just before your glass." Skipping Girl first reared her head last summer and was Crafty's pick of the one-off summer releases from Goat. Back then, we said it was a: "light yellow coloured hazy number that throws up plenty of lovely light tropical fruits from the inclusion of mucho Kiwi hops, has a delicate, spritzy palate and cuts off nice and dry (thanks to the 30% wheat malt) with a decent dose of bitterness". With more Kiwi Motueka thrown into Andy, expect mucho mucho Kiwi hoppiness this time around.

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Mountain Goat

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