Mountain Goat Before The Dawn IPA

Mountain Goat (Asahi)

Released August 29, 2012

Given their previous two black IPAs - the Thorny Goat brewed with UK's Thornbridge and the Gypsy & The Goat brewed with Mikkeller - are ensconced in the upper echelons of Ratebeer's top rated Australian beers, it's perhaps little surprise that Mountain Goat has decided to bring out another. Bigger than the Thorny and pepperberry free, it's their farewell to winter. As for how dark it is, well, over to the brewers themselves: "There's a black that's blacker than its own shadow. As black as the dark side of the moon. So black even the white bits are black. Darker and more impenetrable than Keyser Soze's heart. It's as black as a midnight eclipse, the bottom of the Black Sea, or the inside of the Black Knight's helmet. This is two shades lighter than that." As for flavour, it's hoppy, spicy, fruity with a touch of roast.

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640ml Rare Breed bottles to follow

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