Colonial Gary The White

Colonial Brewery

Released June 12, 2013

It's fair to say that Team America is a pretty popular film at Crafty Towers. The Pint family calls each other Gary in honour of the film's hero, Mrs Pint bought the soundtrack and discovered with glee that there are extra verses to many of the film's songs and, almost a decade on from its release, it's quite terrifying how much of the phraseology around the house can be traced back to the film too. So any beer that also takes its name from Mr Johnston and lifts quotes from the film in its tasting notes is alright by us. Better still, it's a white stout, a style pilloried in the recent Sh!t Beer Geeks Say! video.

Brewed by the Margaret River brewery for the recent GABS festival, it actually makes a serious nod to the past when stout just meant a beer was full-bodied, complex and strong. This one is a blend of seven pale malts with some supporting English hopping. According to head brewer Justin Fox: "We also got our friends at Small Print, a coffee roaster in the city, to do us a super light roast that we ground and then cold dripped the beer through in a sort of circulation loop." The beer was finished with Nitrogen and weighs in at seven per cent ABV.

Apparently they listened to Barry White all day on brew day too. Derka Derka Derka.

White Stout
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