Mountain Goat Imperial Pilsner AKA Storm Trooper

Mountain Goat (Asahi)

Released May 12, 2015

Somehow, given their growing popularity across the land, Mountain Goat recently found themselves with time to leave a couple of tanks full of beer for a few weeks. Thus they filled both with an imperial pilsner. The plan, after some experiments on a small scale with a friend from the world of gin, was to see how an imperial gin pilsner might pan out. Sadly, the juniper berries didn't like the beer; happily, only one tank was used for the experiment so, while there were tears (gin is called Mother's Ruin, right?) there was a big tank full of imperial pilsner that was free of juniper berries and had been given an age to condition.

So, what do we know about this rarest of things: a lager from Mountain Goat, other than the fact they released it to coincide with Star Wars day (so we're a little late in getting it on here)? We know that, other than its size – 7.6 percent ABV – they aimed for the traditional: 100 percent pilsner malt and German Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops plus a classic Bohemian yeast. Says head brewer Dave Bonighton (through his gin-riddled sobs): "There's a really, really grassy hop character from the Saaz, it's got a bit of weight on the palate, but it's still really crisp and dry." There were only a few kegs released so hopefully we got this out in time; look out for the goatee'd, hop hat-wearing Storm Trooper decal...

Imperial Pilsner

Goldmines Hotel

Odyssey Tavern

The Mallow Hotel

The Park Hotel

Cambrian Hotel, Bendigo

Mr Beebe's Bendigo

Mountain Goat Brewery

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