Bodriggy Brewing Gongim Red IPA

Released May 17th, 2017

Bodriggy, like many other brewing companies, has new beers out for Good Beer Week. Unlike most, they're putting both of theirs into cans too as part of an ongoing process to switch the entire range to tinnies over the coming weeks. One of the two is Gongim, as red IPA that's their biggest beer yet, a collaboration with the Tramway Hotel and also a reference to the "Hey Hey, It's Saturday" scene in The Castle.

While there's some caramel and sweet biscuity malt flavours in the mix of this glistening blood orange beer, really it's a showcase of hops, with Bravo, Citra, much hyped newcomer Idaho 7, Wai-Iti and also Hop Hash in the mix. They deliver big, citrus led aromas and flavours and you can find out for yourself when it's launched with a Brewers Shout during an intimate gig from the front woman of Camp Cope, Georgia Maq, on May 19 (if you can get in). Or you can hunt it down in its spectacularly labeled cans.

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Bodriggy Brewing

245 Johnston St Abbotsford VIC 3067

03 9417 2293


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