Newstead Brewing Johnno Apple Cider - RETIRED

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You don't see too many breweries putting out a cider. There seemed to be a spate of them a few years back when cider was all the rage but with so many other directions to go in a brewery that give brewers acidity and tang to play with, that seems to have relented. But Newstead has bucked the trend, adding one they brew themselves (rather than buy and rebadge) to their core range.

Brewed with 100 percent fermented apples, it smells like sweet, ripened apples and possesses a sherbety, bubbly liveliness too, with a pleasant acidity and... Hang on, who are we kidding? This is The Crafty Pint, not the bleedin' Windy Orchard. It's appley and refreshing.

Apple Cider
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