Newstead Brewing Bubble & Rendezvous

Newstead Brewing Co

Published August 25, 2021

There is some real wishful thinking on display with these two releases from Newstead. For anyone particularly affected by the serious curbs on travel – which for some means going no further than their front door – these beers are either something you’ll be daydreaming over – or may require a trigger warning...

Bubble is an unfortunately-timed name for a luminous New Zealand pilsner. It’s dry and crisp but has texture and a slight malty chewiness owing to the use of decoction mashing – a method that wrings from the malt the special breadiness found in traditional Czech pilsners and German Oktoberfest beers. The beer springs to life with decent bitterness and an aromatic explosion of freshly cut and juicy lime from a whole lot of whole cone New Zealand hops.

Not content with setting their sights simply across The Ditch, Newstead have also brewed Rendezvous, a zippy French saison. Yeast has been sent to work here to produce a dry, drinkable and highly aromatic ester carnival of acidic lemon, pepper, and spice. It’s the remarkably soft and silky mouthfeel that makes this beer a pleasure to drink, however, and a go-to beer for a spring spent close to home.

Brad Gellert

NZ Pilsner & French Saison
5.0% & 6.5%
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