Newstead Brewing Polar Opposite

Newstead Brewing Co

Published October 1, 2019

In true Newstead tradition, the inspiration for this beer is all about Brisbane, this time drawing from local history folklore and Paul’s Polar Perfections, the dairy company that "revolutionised cold milk and yoghurt in the warm subtropics of South Brisbane." Leading the way with lactobacillus, this tropical sour marries the "polar opposites" of tangy sourness and sweet tropical fruits.

As you pop the can there’s an immediate dose of passionfruit on the nose that continues as you pour out the light straw-coloured beer. It’s passionfruit dominating on the palate as well, alongside a touch of pineapple and a splash of lemony citrus, while there’s a slight water cracker and white bread maltiness there too. It drinks with a pleasant tang and a mild smack of sourness, before finishing on the drier side.

Jakkii Musgrave

Tropical Sour
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