Newstead Brewing Lie Low Sour

Newstead Brewing Co

Published April 6, 2022

At a time when Newstead was reworking their beer line-up, Lie Low started its life as a one-off in what was meant to be a rotating series of sours. But sometimes when you stumble on something good, you don't want to let it go. Newstead grabbed Lie Low with both hands and held on tight, and now it's always available for your drinking pleasure.

While this beer came about during a new dawn for Newstead, the can shows the sun setting† over the ocean, which has to be close to an ideal view as you’re sinking a beer like this. It’s an approachable sour with low acidity, but has enough of those bouncy tropical flavours to keep things interesting, like a lemon cheesecake with a passionfruit glaze. If the cheesecake were sour instead of sweet and crisp instead of creamy...

Mick Wust

Have you ever wondered why sunrises and sunsets somehow look different even though they’re essentially the same thing? I think about this more often than I should.

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