Newstead Brewing Zoo v11: Brett Red IPA

Newstead Brewing Co

Published February 7, 2023

Which is your favourite two-word phrase from Newstead’s Facebook post about their Zoo v11?

  • endogenous Brettanomyces
  • tertiary metabolites
  • microbial fermentation
  • Sour neicht
  • non-canonical microbes (I’ll confidently call that two words)
  • Sweaty socks
  • Other:

I’m gonna have to go with tertiary metabolites, partially because I’m now in my ninth year of writing about beer and I’ve never heard the word metabolite before. Sounds like a diet Gatorade rip-off.

Anyway, this beer is not a Gatorade rip-off. It’s Simon Says Red IPA that’s been chilling in tempranillo wine barrels for a year. The result is a deep pool of Brett-funk and layered malt flavours. If you’ve ever chowed down on a bowl of prunes drizzled with date caramel, followed by interspersed licks of an alcoholic toffee apple* and an old leather lounge (who hasn’t done this?), you know what it’s like.

Mick Wüst

*Business idea: alcoholic toffee apples.

Brett Red IPA
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