Woolshed Brewery Bunyip Imperial Stout 2018

Woolshed Brewery

Released June 19, 2018

Winter time in the Riverland can get particularly cold thanks to the chill breeze blowing off the Murray River. It's one reason why the Woolshed brewing crew has brewed three very different dark beers to help survive the season. The baby of the trio is a dark ale, brewed with roasted wattleseed, the middle child, a stout, is laced with lashings of coffee and, lastly, the big brother, is a Riverland imperial stout called the Bunyip. The name refers to a dark beast that lurks in the waters nearby; no one has seen it before but drinkers definitely feel the effects the next morning.

Just like most imperial stouts, the Bunyip pours a thick black with a brown, oily head. Strong aromas of dark chocolate, currants and raisins and a touch of roasted grains lead the way for a thick, viscous stout that coats the mouth. There's a wonderful blend of roast, a creaminess that's supported by a welcome sweetness and a medium dry finish. It's big and it's boozy, casting a warming blanket over your body as that breeze blows in.

Matt King

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