Woolshed Brewery Tropical Sour

Woolshed Brewery

Released December 17, 2020

Riverland-based Woolshed Brewery don’t tend to go overboard with their limited releases but instead are a little more calculated, considering the season when developing a new beer. To welcome the summer months, they have released a 4.1 percent ABV tropical sour packed to the brim with juicy fruit: 120kg plunged into 1200 litres of beer, two-thirds of it mango, one-third passionfruit.

Mango absolutely oozes from the can; it's so dominant, in fact, it reminds me of being elbow deep in ripe, sticky mango juice as the seed is being sucked clean from fleshy fruit. The passionfruit is muted, only ever so subtly joining the party on the very back palate for the briefest of moments, contributing a little tartness.

It's definitely an easy-drinker, with a medium to medium-light body and a gentle sourness. Really, it's all about that mango – so prominent, fresh and well… tropical. Welcome to summer.

Matt King

Tropical Sour
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