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Released June 28, 2020

Lethargic and dreary. Bloodshot eyes and a pounding headache... It all seemed like a good idea the night before but now the thought of completing those all-important Sunday jobs makes it even harder to roll out of bed. However, never fear, Woolshed Brewery are here to help with their Bloody Eyed Mary cocktail sour that was originally destined for GABS 202.

It's real kickstarter, one recommended as the first beer of the day in order to null any lingering bad feelings: a kettle sour brewed with Australian mountain pepperberry, tomato, celery and lemon juice. Goodbye, cobwebs. Hello, new day.

No garnishes needed here with the beer pouring a burnt orange colour and possessing aromas with a certain sweetness in the form of mild raspberries and a touch of orange. There's a spice and earthiness there too, from the pepperberry with flavours moving through, some saltiness, peppery spice and a smidgeon of lemon and celery. The tomato hides nicely in the background, not necessarily shining through but working quietly to help marry the flavour elements together to create a 6 percent ABV kick in the butt.

Matt King

Obviously, lots of water, maybe a couple of painkillers, a hydration tablet and drinking less the night before would work too...

Bloody Mary Sour
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