Woolshed Brewery Bunyip Imperial Stout 2020

Woolshed Brewery

Released June 28, 2020

It’s that time of year again, when the ghostly Bunyip arises from the depths of the Murray to take the shape of an imperial stout brewed to provide warmth in winter.

For the 2020 release, around canning time the Woolshed crew found themselves in an interesting predicament. They were saving two kegs of the 2019 Bunyip to pour alongside the 2020 as a comparison; however, due to COVID-19, they didn’t see the sense in keeping kegs. Therefore, they decided to blend the 2019 Bunyip into the new version, taking some of the sharper edges off the new stout. So there's a positive to come out of the pandemic.

This 8.3 percent ABV monster pours a deep black colour, with a thick, dark brown, chocolaty head. Dark cocoa aromas lead the way, with a little cream sweetness and roasted characters present as well. The full-bodied mouthfeel makes way for a marriage of medium roast, bitter dark chocolate and just a touch of that creamy sweetness. It's a pretty rich imperial stout, balanced between sweet, roasted, bitter and chocolate, all culminating in quite a dry finish.

Matt King

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