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Released September 30, 2019

September 2019 saw the Woolshed Brewery celebrate ten years of brewing beer on the Murray River in the Riverland region of South Australia. To commemorate the decade as a family-owned, independent brewery, they threw a huge party and brewed a beer. Amazon X takes the favourite parts of their beloved Amazon Ale, tweaks things slightly, and turns it into an Extra Pale Ale, one that's full of Aussie hops and glows like a Murray River sunset.

Gentle floral aromas combine with a touch of breadiness in a beer that's neither malt nor hop driven, but instead a balance of floral hop flavours and a slightly chewy dough. There's an initial sweetness coming through the medium body but Amazon X finishes quite dry and with a decent bitterness.

Best enjoyed on the banks of the Murray River, watching the houseboats cruise by and the sun setting below the trees.

Matt King

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