The Mill Brewery Chilli Willie

The Mill Brewery

Released March 28th, 2019

One of two beers brewed for The Mill's second birthday and one that's been underway since the first, this is a strong ale that spent a few months ageing in keg before spending a further six months in Lark Distillery whisky barrels – the last two of those months with ten habanero chillies for company.

The rich malt character of the base beer – originally as a US-inspired strong ale, but with time having softened the impact of the hops and boosted its sweet toffee and biscuit side – provides a pillowy home for the whisky character; the barrel's previous inhabitant makes itself known, but it's a juicy, fruity whisky aroma rather than anything spicy or packing heat. The chillies, on the other hand, pack a fair bit of potency, serving up some prickly heat on the palate, albeit without getting out of hand.

Special occasion beers should be a little out of the ordinary and, with the Grapefruit Paradisi there to provide sessionability, Chilli Willie plays that role: a beer to roll around the palate slowly at the end of the evening.

James Smith

Whisky Barrel-Aged Chilli Strong Ale

Launched on March 30 at The Mill's 2nd birthday

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