Newstead Brewing & Brisbane Powerhouse Transducer

Newstead Brewing Co

Published April 7, 2019

Newstead continue to forge partnerships with a diverse range of Queensland organisations, with Transducer brewed with the Brisbane Powerhouse and coming on the back of collaborations with the likes of Queensland Rugby Union, the Brisbane Comedy Festival, Alliance Airlines and Surf Life Saving Queensland.

In partnering with an iconic Queensland venue, the brewers opted for an iconic local beer style, the sparkling ale, one with a flavour profile that presents Nottingham yeast as the hero.

Without being driven by hops or malt, the esters pulled from the yeast create an expression that whispers white peach, pear and lychee; melon comes through too, along with subtle stone fruit characters. There are layers of complexity if you want to look for them, or Transducer can simply be enjoyed as a friendly accompaniment.

James Henderson

Sparkling Ale
12 IBU
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