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When it came to the haze craze, the brewers at All Inn hung back while others took part in trial and error. Then, at the end of 2019, they sailed in and made a tropical delight.

All Inn’s NEIPA was never meant to be an opaque glass of orange juice, but the cloudiness is a like a golden sunrise on a misty morning. When it comes to haze in beer, gravity likes to make brewers’ jobs difficult. Luckily for All Inn, their centrifuge was the perfect tool for distributing the haze evenly throughout the batch, meaning the first keg and the last keg didn’t look like entirely different beers.

The hop flavours are a combination of the fruit salad of El Dorado and Azacca coming together with the smooth coconut of Sabro. There’s a nice texture in the mouth, but no astringency, and just a hint of bitterness to finish out the drop.

Mick Wust

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