All Inn Brewing Session Pale Ale

All Inn Brewing

In the past, many of us set our expectations low when we picked up a mid-strength, knowing there may not be much flavour. Things have changed, for the most part, in recent years, yet it’s still always nice to have your expectations exceeded.

This mid-strength hints that it has more to offer as soon as it shows its first glints of rich gold colour. A full aroma of tropical fruit from the Azacca and El Dorado hops sits on a comfortable body, and each sip shows the fruitiness making way for some grainy malt character on the palate.

When you’re dealing with All Inn’s Session Pale Ale, don’t be alarmed if the first beer of the session lasts you all of 60 seconds. That's a normal experience. It was mine, at least.

Mick Wust

Mid-Strength Pale Ale
All Inn Brewing

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