Balter Brewing Eazy Hazy

Balter Brewing (CUB/Asahi)

Published September 10, 2021

In early 2021, Balter put cans of Eazy Hazy into our hands as a one-off. But, as 2021 progressed and turned out to be a year where people could do with a bit more "easy", Balter went ahead and added the beer to their full time roster.

Scott Hargrave, Balter’s head brewer, sees Eazy Hazy as the satisfying result of a few session beer experiments in previous years – for those playing at home, he’s thinking about Bunker Buster, Super Sipper, Quaff Bomb and Session Hazy. Each of those was well received in their own rights, which says a lot for the final result – low alcohol, low bitterness, plenty of flavour, plenty of drinkableness. Would you expect anything less from Balter?

This opaque yellow drop is fruity but gentle, and just right for sipping on to relax at the end of the day as you’re doing yoga in your living room (trust me on this.) While Balter gives Eazy Hazy descriptors of lime, passionfruit and coconut, I found myself enjoying tinned pineapple and pear juice, with just a lick of Sabro hop coconut flavour showing its head in the back end as I kept drinking.

Maybe you’ll taste what Balter tastes. Maybe you’ll taste what I tasted. Maybe you’ll taste something different again.

But you'll definitely find it easy.

Mick Wust

Hazy Pale
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