Balter Brewing Bunker Buster

Balter Brewing (CUB/Asahi)

Published May 14, 2020

It’s important to appreciate the little things.

Recently, I’ve been asking people: “Is there anything you’ve liked about lockdown?” For some, it’s more time with family; for others, more time to play video games, or read books, or bake treats; for others, no commute; for others, lower social expectations.

Now Balter have released a little thing for us to appreciate in the comfort of our own homes: Bunker Buster, a hazy session ale initially made for keg release only, but now in tinnies available Australia wide.

Head brewer Scotty Hargrave sees it as the child of three beer styles, giving it the tropical juiciness of a hazy IPA, the dry finish of a brut IPA, and the bitterness of a San Diego pale ale (think Ballast Point’s Grunion, or Stone’s Ripper). But you don’t need to be well versed in these styles to appreciate there’s big flavour in this not-so-big beer. From the moment you bury your face in the fluffy white marshmallow froth - you don’t even need to be embarrassed about the beer moustache, because no one can see you - you can smell that the side of the can nails the description. Passionfruit and lime and coconut all play around with your senses, reminding you that tropical islands still exist during these stay-at-home times. When you pull yourself out of that daydream, you might notice the sweetness in the upper palate, the lively but dry feel in the mouth, the bitterness that plucks away at the finish, the softness that stays on your tongue.

Or you might just notice that was a pretty tasty beer for 4.5 percent, and grab a pair of colourful tinnies out of the fridge to share with your neighbour over the fence.

Mick Wust

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